Marshall Accounts - bookkeeping and accounting
Marshall Accounts - bookkeeping and accounting


Whether you need a full bookkeeping service, including payroll, or just a guiding hand, we have a range of services available.
  • General bookkeeping, including data entry of all invoices and bank reconciliations.
  • Analysis of current and previous accounts to check that information has been entered correctly and rectify accordingly. Quite often capital expenses, payroll liabilities and other items, such as cash received in advance, are accounted for incorrectly. Ritchie has on several occasions helped a business who has called saying that their accounts are “in a mess”. After rectifying the financial accounts he has provided these businesses with guidance on the way forward for them.
  • The preparation and lodgement of your BAS or IAS to the ATO.
  • Processing of payroll to employees, accounting for payroll liabilities correctly, and ensuring that obligations relating to the cost of employment, such as superannuation, payroll tax and Return To Work SA, are met.
  • The management of accounts creditors and debtors to ensure there is cash flow to pay suppliers when invoices are due.
  • Working closely with your tax accountant. As Ritchie is an accountant, who understands the information required by your tax accountant, he can ensure that the whole process of working out your income tax obligations is run efficiently, usually resulting in you being charged less by your tax accountant.
  • Ritchie can also train you or your staff in MYOB, resulting in further cost savings to you.
Starting from just $50 plus GST per week for our guiding hand service, we can offer you unlimited email and phone support, monthly review of your accounts and preparation and lodgement of your IAS or BAS.

Contact Ritchie today to discuss how he can help with your business.